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The nature of solitude is of the nature of stillness. Yet even in stillness there is motion. The rhythm of silence is that which penetrates the Mind to download vectors of higher knowledge.



The ambivalence of stillness and motion mirrors the causal connection to the effectual creation (Cause and Effect). This simply shows that the effect is created from a point of stillness. The point I wish to make is that if you truly wish to create you must find your solitude, that part of stillness within you, that you may through the light of inspiration gifted through the Mind express the desire which the light starts to fashion into your envisaged creation. Do you see that it is from that embraced solitude that the motion of light is discovered and you are now able to use this motion as a tool for manifestation?



If you desire to find your power you must find your point of stillness.

If you desire answers to life's questions you must find your point of stillness.

If you desire to create you must find your point of stillness.

If you desire to find God you must find your point of stillness.

If you desire to know God you must find your point of stillness.

If you desire to ascend you must find your point of stillness.








 Stillness is the library within the Mind. See "Solitude" as a location within the greater locale of the God Mind. It is that place which you must access and gain entry to that you may able to educate yourself. This is the meeting place with your cosmic mind. This is where you interact at a subliminal level; where your consciousness expands into a cosmic reality; where learning is ensconced on the cushion of universal spirit.

靜止是在“靈性智慧”裡面的圖書館。把“獨處” 看作是在神的靈性智慧的更偉大的背景內的一個地點。就是那個地方,你必須接近並且進入你能夠教育你自己的地點。這是一個與你的宇宙靈性聚會的地點。在那裡你們以一種微妙的潛在意識互動;在那裡你的意識擴展成為一個宇宙的實相,在那裡學習被安置在宇宙的神性的坐墊上。


This is your spawning ground, where you merge and marry with your cosmic identity to give birth to different dimensions to you. See yourself as a multi tiered being who multiplies after each union with your cosmic counterpart. This is where your servicing takes place, where the moulding starts and where you become complete.



When you hear the call of "Solitude" I implore you to answer for this is a cosmic call from your creator friend who knows that it is time to merge for your greatest good. As you merge with your cosmic identity your consciousness becomes impregnated; yet you experience a sense of lightness as you leave the sedentary portals of the flesh to experience the silent manoeuvrings of your soul. Yes beloveds, you are then home. Home is that place where comfort and nurturing abounds. It is that place where you are never alone, always looked after and guided. Do you see now the great security that "Solitude" offers you? This is your point of rejuvenation and respite. Are you now impelled to experience that place of abject bounty, the storehouse of all your treasures?



   If you can surrender your conscious mind to the solitude of the God Mind you shall find that the wisdom of truth shall pirouette its way into your consciousness and you become one step closer to knowing and experiencing God. Man spends many lifetimes trying to find God. If only he will accept that God is the silent bell within him, he will find his stillness from which point he can burrow his way through the silence until he clearly hears the chimes of eternity.



I am Uriel. I call upon each of you to answer the call of "Solitude" for it is ringing most loudly during these troubled times on your planet.



My peace I render to you.

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